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2021 Motivation

Let's face it, 2020 was tough, I mean really tough. And January, the month that most of us get back to training or plan out the next race season was a bust too. I'm here to tell you though, these events will come back, and probably sooner than you think. Europe has been able to host bike races, triathlons, running events, and OCR races for months now and we aren't far behind. I was just on earlier and even in SoCal, where we have been under serious restrictions for almost a year, has a number of events scheduled.

So this might be the time to try out something you've never done. If you're a runner who does marathons and is bummed that there's so few available, it might be time to buy a bike and try a triathlon or jump into an OCR event. There's also tons of virtual races being held on multiple platforms. Lately I've been competing in virtual races on Zwift, and I get my tail kicked just like a real race, sometimes even harder because I can't hide in the peloton. There have been virtual marathons (one of my clients did the NYC marathon virtually this last year), virtual triathlons, and even virtual trail run races. Are any of these options like the real thing? No, but they will fill that competition gap in your life.

The big thing about getting back into things though, is a lot of us don't know where to start. Your habits have been a little off, thanks Hulu, Netflix, and HBO+ for all that new content to binge, so we need some help. There are so many things that can get you going, and likely most of them are free. Typing into Google "workout plan" will bring up a host of options, and if you get more specific you'll find ones targeted to your goals, but that's only the first step. You're still going to have to actually do it.

So here's my challenge to get you started:

1) Can you do 50 pushups in a row? What about 100? What about 200? Or maybe 10 is a struggle. Great! First things first, challenge yourself to do a max set up pushups every morning when you get up. That's it, 1 max set first thing when you roll out of bed.

2) Carve out some time for meditation. You only need 10 minutes, and first thing in the morning, right after those pushups, is a rare quiet time for a lot of us. Download the Headspace app to your phone, pick a pack (I've been using the Self-Esteem pack), sit down and just follow the instructions. Start with 3x's per week and work up to every day.

3) Get outside for a walk or run 3x's per week. It can be as short as around the block, or as long as multiple hours. No matter if it's raining, snowing, cold or hot, get outside. Humans are meant to be free and even a short walk in the fresh air makes a huge difference in our mood.

4) Don't be afraid to ask for help. Call your old workout partner and just chat, or

text, or TikTok (I don't even know if you can send messages through that) whatever. You can call your siblings, or parents, and ask them to keep you accountable. Bottom line is, we all need a kick in the ass from time to time. That's what our network is there for, to push us when we need it. Have them hold you accountable, and you offer the same in return. And if you need someone who can really take that and run with it, you can always book a free call with us and we can talk about your goals and how we can get you started, just click HERE to set that up.

Let's all work together to get through the remainder of this pandemic and get back to what we all find joy in doing.

Train hard, train often.

Coach Chris

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